Happy New Year! 9 entries were awarded

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    Recently, from the autonomous region Department of Education and the Party Committee network information Office came the good news, according to the "announcement of the 9th District College students Network Culture Festival and 2023 District University network education excellent works selection exhibition list of winners" (GUI education Ideology and politics (2023) 31) document, our school has a total of 9 awards, of which 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 1 second prize,7 third prizes. At the same time, our school has 10 excellent works were elected to participate in the national competition.

The 9th District College Students Network Culture Festival and the award list of 2023 District Universities network education excellent works

  Since the launch of the activity, the Media Center, together with multiple departments and colleges, has actively carried out online cultural works collection activities to promote the majority of teachers and students to actively create online cultural works. After the work application, school-level selection, excellent recommendation and other links, 9 works of our school won awards, giving full play to the positive role of network cultural activities to nourish people and gather strength, highlighting the outstanding effect of our school's network ideological and political work, and effectively enhancing the attractiveness and effectiveness of the school's ideological and political work.

  All along, the school has always paid attention to the connotation construction of online ideological and political education, and actively encouraged teachers and students to create excellent online cultural works and excellent online education works. In the next step, the school will further strengthen the construction of network culture, give full play to the effect of network education, in order to better achieve the effect of "cultural people, wetting things silently".Enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of ideological and political work in colleges and universities in the new era.